Tom Evans – Senior Delegate

Tom Evans – Senior Delegate

Join us in thanking Tom for his work as Senior Delegate, 2021-2022…

Tom Evans has attended Bangkok Patana School for around three years, and through his role as Senior Delegate, has utilized his strength of listening to others’ perspectives. Tom explains further that he can be decisive when necessary, adding that he values others’ perspectives in order to form a more solid opinion of his own. This strength lends to Tom’s empathy as a peer and commitment to being an effective collaborator.

Tom reflected on his role as Senior Delegate, explaining, “One of the most important issues for us as Senior Delegates this year has been planning a series of Professional Development days, in which we presented certain student-raised concerns to Bangkok Patana staff. Obviously with COVID, we have had to think carefully about how large-scale presentations could be run and have had to adapt to the current restrictions.”

Want to learn more about Tom? In the style of the famed BBC Podcast, Desert Island Discs, we asked the Senior Delegates which eight pieces of music, one book, and luxury item (that cannot facilitate escape or communication) would they take to a desert island? Here are his answers:

Eight Pieces of Music:

  1. Something in the Way by Nirvana
  2. Once by Liam Gallagher
  3. When the Sun goes down by Artic Monkeys
  4. Hotel California by Eagles
  5. Shotgun by George Ezra
  6. Professor X by Dave
  7. Wolves by Kanye West
  8. Someone Like You by Adele

One Book: The Hitler Years: Triumph, 1933-1939 by Frank McDonough (a historical overview of the events leading up to World War II)

Luxury Item: Basketball Hoop

Give a listen to Tom’s “Desert Island Discs”-style playlist here!

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