Kim Ekstrom, Careers and University Counsellor

Welcome Kim Ekstrom, Careers and University Counsellor

Kim Ekstrom is from Sweden, however, he has not actually resided there in over 25 years! Kim has worked in five different countries and at six different international schools. Having already lived in Thailand for over 10 years, Kim feels a strong connection to the local community and was familiar with the Careers and University Counselling Department before joining this year. He has worked in the role of Social and Emotional Counsellor for over 15 years and is passionate about connecting with students about their hopes and dreams to then further support them to find their path, guiding them along the way to grow and improve at every step. Kim is very well-connected in the field of university admissions, as he has visited over 200 universities around the world, believing that this firsthand knowledge will greatly benefit our students in their search for the right ‘fit’ for their Patana Pathway.

During his first year on campus, Kim is looking forward to listening to students’ stories to get to know more about their interests and passions, which will help him to better guide their path. By starting early (around Term 1 with Key Stage 4 students), Kim seeks to help students determine their own “compass” to guide their Patana Pathway, including personal preferences and strengths. Passionate about community service and volunteer work, Kim previously opened a language school in Lopburi and was recognized on Channel 9 in 2012 on a programme entitled “I Love Thailand”. In 2005, Kim also assisted with tsunami relief in Thailand and created a documentary that was distributed in Sweden to raise awareness of the natural disaster and its tragic outcome. Kim’s dedication to helping others, and particularly his students, shines through in his personal motto “Your progress is my joy.”