Learning about Healthy Bodies in Year 6

Learning about Healthy Bodies in Year 6

Students in Year 6 explore what it means to have and maintain a healthy body…

Year 6 students are beginning their Term 3 learning on the circulatory system. The Essential Question for the ‘Heartbeat’ unit is ‘How can we educate others to make positive lifestyle choices to maintain a healthy body?’ To help answer this question, students rotated around the Year 6 classrooms to immerse themselves in an experience to excite them about their learning.

Students engaged in a play-based approach to the unit introduction. They used plasticine and junk modelling to recreate internal organs, as well as learning about mindfulness and how it can help with mental health. Combining Science and the Arts, students drew and created different organs, shared facts about these organs, and took part in a collaborative first aid activity.

Through activities, Year 6 students were able to share everything they know and will continue to grow their understanding about organs within the body:

  • Recreating the internal organs using plasticine and junk modelling
  • Using Minecraft to explore the circulatory system, support the drawing of different organs and share facts about them
  • A collaborative first aid activity
  • Mindfulness practice including smiling mind meditation, alongside other techniques for calming down and helping with anxiety

Year 6 students are eager for their lessons to learn more about healthy bodies!

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