Learning Chess in Years 1 and 2

The game of chess has far-reaching benefits, particularly for younger students.

Students in Years 1 and 2 have the opportunity to learn the game of chess through the ECA programme, a practice that is great for early brain development! The game of chess not only increases concentration and memory, but also benefits logic and critical thinking. Through the practice of problem-solving, students must think through variable possibilities and formulate strategies. In fact, studies have demonstrated improved reading and maths scores from young students who learn to play chess.

While chess has been played throughout the world for many centuries, there has been recent upticks in interest in the game due to its starring role in popular media. Parents can further build upon their students’ interest by encouraging them to participate in chess games at school. As chess trains both sides of the brain initiating more cross-synaptic connections, students also learn to develop innovative and creative solutions.