Student-Led ServICE Conference

Student-Led ServICE Conference

Student-led ServICE Conference provides Year 12 students with opportunities to share ideas and develop projects with their peers.

Some Year 12 students spent their weekend exploring global issues and coming up with creative and practical solutions at the ServICE Conference. The theme for this year’s student-led conference was “We Can, We Will”, providing opportunities to inspire, connect and empower students to bring positive change to their communities. The ServICE Conference represents an extremely exciting opportunity for innovative and inspired students to exchange ideas and engage in active learning. Our Year 12 students worked in collaboration with students from 17 other schools, both from Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand. Bangkok Patana students led workshops, learnt from experts in the field and even presented their own TedTalk-style keynote speeches. The students who attended the conference left feeling empowered and motivated to work towards creating a better world.

“The ServICE conference allowed us to talk to other passionate students from schools across Bangkok – I really enjoyed hearing about other passion projects that I could get involved in. A rare and meaningful opportunity to connect with other students especially when so many events have been canceled due to COVID!”

Luanne Poh, 12H

“ServICE allowed me to engage with like-minded people in order to collaborate and discuss ideas for projects I was passionate about. The experience was inspirational and motivated me to push forward with ideas that I believed were too unreachable. “We Can, We Will” embodies the passion that was present in this conference – that any problem can be solved with incentive and action.”

Aleeza Sherwani, 12S

“The ServICE conference was undoubtedly an eventful weekend. I had the unique experience of presenting a keynote speech on “Destigmatising Discussions on Mental Health”. The atmosphere of sheer excitement to share ideas helped me realize that, although steps from my comfort zone, this was a moment to bring people together around a social issue. Overall, I made unforgettable memories at the conference this year and am looking forward to similar events in the future.”

Kylie Kim, 12B
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