Life Skills for Year 13

Life Skills for Year 13

Year 13 students learn life skills such as cooking, sewing, budgeting and more.

Year 13 students are taking advantage of the developments in the Secondary School Tutorial Programme, learning life skills to keep up with societal changes and to prepare them for life beyond Bangkok Patana.

In Year 13, each tutor developed a workshop around a life skill that can help Grad20 when they leave us (and their homes) later this year, giving them life skills to send them on their way to more independent living.

The ‘Life Skills’ sessions fit our school’s ethos of developing lifelong learners. Showing them how to cook and sew, for example, isn’t as effective as giving them opportunities to try. Some of the students are already pretty skilled and surprised themselves with their prowess, instilling self-confidence. Others are realising that perhaps they could continue to develop in the coming months. They still have time.

In addition, it has also been a welcome change for our Year 13s from an incredibly busy period of academia. What a wonderful way to start a morning!

Year 13 life skills
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