Year 5: Where the Wild Things Are!

Year 5 learn about rainforests

Year 5 students are learning more about rainforests asking such questions as “What is a rainforest like? Did you know each layer of the rainforest has many different species living within them?”

Year 5 students are journeying into the rainforest through research. Working in small groups they tried to discover what plants and animals live within each of the layers, and what it might be like to actually be there. They built their layer to form a whole class display about the rainforest. As a result, the students are now eager to learn more about the rainforest. They will investigate the resources that are available and begin to develop an understanding of why humans are cutting them down. Additionally they will decide if deforestation is a problem and should be stopped, or if it can be managed sustainably.

Year 5 rainforests