Year 10 Choose Electives

Year 10 Choose Electives

Year 10 students enjoy an array of elective classes each term.

A new term means new electives and Year 10 students took some time out of their busy day to reflect on their choices.

Sports Leadership is about using sports to improve leadership skills while also developing my skills as an athlete. I chose this elective because it will not only develop my ability in sports but it will benefit me in the future when leading and will be a great qualification on my CV as I’m hoping to go to a sports university! 

Bianca Bertoli, 10B

As we progress into a new decade, Robots and AI are starting to play a bigger role in everyday life. To catch up with the global trends of Robots and AI, I decided to choose Robotics for my elective choice. This elective opens up a massive opportunity to obtain a small taste of this newly-introduced subject.

Nond Phokasub, 10L

Joining the Debate elective was the perfect way for me to not only study valuable skills such as critical thinking and collaboration but do so in a supportive environment where I get a more open minded and multi-perspective view of each issue. It gives me the opportunity to rationally discuss my viewpoints with researched evidence and reasoning, for topics that that are outside normal academic subjects.

Sammy Anuras, 10E

I chose the elective Deciding Your Future because I honestly have no idea what I want to do when I leave school or even what I was going to do for IB. This elective stood out to me because I thought it would give me an understanding of what I wanted to do when go to university and eventually get a job. Additionally, to help guide me onto my future career, and to figure out what career path was best suited to me.

Mia Lindley, 10H

I chose Sculpture to be my new elective because it sounded like a lot of fun and I could create whatever I wanted with just my imagination. In Sculpture, you create a clay sculpture of anything you want which looks really cool.

Florencia Hilgert, 10H
Year 10 electives
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