The Life of a Pirate for Year 2 Students

The Life of a Pirate for Year 2 Students

Year 2 students tested out their hypotheses on Pirate Day

To introduce this term’s theme of learning, Year 2 strapped on their eye-patches, peg-legs, bandanas and hooks and immersed themselves into the murky life of a pirate.

Throughout Term 2, the children will learn about life as a pirate, hundreds of years ago. They will become a pirate themselves, writing from their own experiences, whilst also learning about what life was like on a pirate boat. Last Friday however, was all about developing their own pirate aliases, whilst also solving a scientific conundrum for Captain Blackbeard.

Earlier in the week, the children were shown an SOS from a desperate Captain Blackbeard, requesting their help. Marooned on a desert island, the captain needed them to test a variety of materials in order to decide which would make a suitable raft for him. The children will be studying materials for their science this term, so this gave them the perfect opportunity to test, analyse and hypothesise on what they already knew. On Pirate Day, the children then worked alongside another class to design a life-sized raft for Captain Blackbeard to test in the pool. Let’s just say the results were ‘varied’…

An exciting start to our pirate learning – onwards me-hearties!

Year 2 pirate day
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