Alumni Share Tips on University Life

Alumni shared experiences on life in university

Bangkok Patana alumni from the past four graduating classes were in school last week to meet with students interested in knowing the scoop on life in university. They brought their experiences from the UK, the US and Europe, from diverse universities such as Oxford, the London School of Economics, Brown University, Haverford and the University of Groningen.

The panel talked about the difficulties in adjusting to life in university, covering everything from doing their own laundry to making their own schedules. The alumni encouraged students to not be afraid to talk to people and make new friends, pointing out that they are all in the same boat as newbies. Talking to the professor or teaching assistant after class was another key pointer. Alumni also encouraged students to work on their personal statements over summer holidays to make sure that it is just right and doesn’t add additional stress to an already busy school term. The former students encouraged them to keep up with their ECAs during school saying that being balanced and fulfilled was important to a happy final year at Bangkok Patana.