Medallists in the UKBC Biology Olympiads

Medallists in the UKBC Biology Olympiads

Two Year 12 students took home medals in the UKBC Biology Olympiad.

Two Year 12 students achieved medals in the UKBC Biology Olympiads in June. Jiwon Yoo earned a Silver and Natabhorn (Plume Plume) Kashemsri Na Ayudhaya a Gold. The UKBC Biology Olympiads test students on topics and ideas with which they are not familiar, challenging their problem solving skills and understanding of core principals. The BBO is the first stage in selecting a team to represent the UK at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO). The IBO challenges some of the top pre-university biology students in the world, with over sixty countries taking part. Top-scoring students are invited to complete further training and assessments to select a team to represent the UK at the International Biology Olympiad (IBO).

Reflections on the Olympiad

“I took part in the Intermediate Biology Olympiad held by UKBC in June of 2021. This was a competition that required me to utilise many characteristics of the IB learner profile such as knowledgeable, reflective, and risk taking.  Not only did it give me an opportunity to strengthen these traits, but it also allowed me to challenge myself in applying my knowledge in Biology in real life cases. The questions were challenging as they were different to questions I had to solve throughout the course of IGCSE and first year of IB. However, there was sufficient information provided to logically answer each question. This aspect of the competition was what I enjoyed the most as I got to explore new areas of Biology. I would highly recommend participating in this competition to anyone interested in Biology, but ideally to those who have completed the IGCSE course. I also want to thank Mr Baker, Mr Lodge and Mr Burrell in supporting us for making this competition take place even during CSL!”

Jiwon Yoo, Year 12

“Participating in the UKBC Olympiads this year has been both an enjoyable and intellectually stimulating experience. The exams were an opportunity to test myself on concepts studied in school, as well as apply my Biology knowledge to current events, which I found were the most challenging and rewarding sections. Although some questions go beyond the syllabus, many provide enough information to problem solve and think critically before eventually getting to an answer.” 

“For those who enjoy Biology, the UKBC competitions are perfect for exploring unique concepts beyond the syllabus, but may be more suitable for those who have covered iGCSE content. Personally, I didn’t view the exams as a competition, but rather an experience for me to explore the subject further. I believe this is a primary reason why I enjoyed participating. I would also like to thank Mr Baker, Mr Lodge and Mr Burrell for supporting my decision to enter these competitions.”

Natabhorn (Plume Plume) Kashemsri Na Ayudhaya
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