Meet the New Teacher: Clare Blencowe

Meet the New Teacher: Clare Blencowe

Clare Blencowe is the new Year 4 teacher, a Patana returnee!

Year 4 Class Teacher

Clare Blencowe is a new teacher this year, but not a newcomer to Bangkok Patana School. She was a teacher at Bangkok Patana for four years before deciding to take a professional ‘gap year’ last year. She has a BA (Hons) in Drama and Screen Studies from The University of Manchester.

“Before travelling the world, I was a teacher at Bangkok Patana four years. During my professional ‘gap’ year, I managed to travel for about eight months. During that time, I visited New Zealand and parts of both Central and South America. Highlights included Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua and Sloth spotting in Costa Rica. Despite having to cut my trip short, due to Covid-19, it was great spending some time back in the UK catching up with friends and family. “

” I looked at the school’s website and found the curriculum was in line with my values and the school itself looked incredible. I enjoyed watching the 3- Way Conference videos and was excited to work at a school with such independent learners. “

“Bangkok Patana was my first international position when I started here in 2015. I had never visited Thailand before and apart from a trip to India as a child, I had never visited Asia either.”

“So far I have taught in both Year 3 and 4 here at Bangkok Patana. I am excited to teach in Year 4 again this year. A new challenge will be teaching with strict Covid-19 measures in place.”

“In my spare time, I enjoy exploring new places. I am looking forward to seeing even more of this beautiful country.”

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