Year 9 Keep it Lean in D+T

Year 9 are learning the value of low waste and quality production.

Year 9 have been exploring the principles of ‘Lean Production’ during their DT lessons. Lean Production means students learn to cut out waste but still ensure quality. Working in teams, students were challenged to efficiently manufacture as many lamps as possible in under 60 minutes. Students learnt to employ production concepts in a very practical way. They also discovered how the principles of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, helps them work as a team. In this way, everyone is responsible for analysing performance and the whole team benefits from developing a ‘no blame’ culture.

At the end of the lesson, the finished lamps were inspected by the client (their teacher). Finished lamps with any defects were rejected and students accounted for any waste they had produced. The lessons have been a great opportunity for students to further develop important life skills like leadership, teamwork, time management and accountability, as well as learn about modern commercial manufacturing techniques.