Meet the New Teacher: Krisztina Ujhazy

Meet the New Teacher: Krisztina Ujhazy

Krisztina Ujhazy studied Music Education in Hungary and played the violin professionally in the US and Europe.

Secondary Music Teacher, Tutor 7K

Krisztina Ujhazy is the new Secondary Music teacher. She earned her Bachelor’s in Music Education and Conducting from ELTE University in Budapest, Hungary. She followed this with a Master’s of Music Education at the same university and then an MA in EFL at Károli Gáspár University a few years later.

A Life in Music

“I went to the US to study English which is where I met my husband, also Hungarian. We decided it was important to get the most out of living in the US so I took a job as a Music teacher teaching violin and chamber music. I also played the violin in the Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra in New Jersey. After eight years, we moved back to Hungary where I earned my MA in Music and in EAL. I also played in a rock band for several years. They played Irish punk, I played the violin in the band, wrote songs for them and toured Europe.”

“I think it’s important to realise that languages and music are connected. Also, that you don’t have to be a performer on any level to enjoy music.”

The Journey to Bangkok Patana

“I started a choir in the Secondary school where I was teaching, I really enjoyed working with them and took them to a music festival orchestra and choir in Berlin, organised by an international school there. I saw then how an international school is organised and what values and principles they are based upon. Seeing that was key to my decision to work in an international setting. This is my first international school, actually and my first time in Asia.”

“I am really thankful for the opportunity to work here; I am amazed by the facilities and how well the school is organised. I was impressed how we were received here as a part of the team, such a warm welcome. Even if I have a stressful day I can go outside and take a short walk and it sets me on track. I think it helps relieve the stress of the students as well. The Music faculty is unbelievably well-equipped. Every opportunity is given for every child interested in music to practice and develop.”

“I am really looking forward to travelling around Thailand. I am really looking forward to my daughter studying Nursery here and seeing her pick up English quickly and make friends.  I am looking forward to seeing her speak English and make friends, she is a very chatty and friendly girl. Having a toddler keeps me quite busy but on the weekends we are going around Bangkok and seeing a lot of sites. I love that I don’t have to deal with winter here!”

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