Meet the New Teacher: Mark Stride

Meet the New Teacher: Mark Stride

Mark Stride is the new Year 4 EAL teacher…

Primary EAL Teacher (Year 4)

Mark Stride is the new Year 4 EAL teacher. He attended Loughborough University where he earned a BA (Hons) in European Studies. He furthered his education earning a MEd in Education Leadership.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

“I am originally from the UK but with one Swiss parent. Growing up in England, sadly I didn’t learn Swiss German, but I did study it as an adult. Boy is it hard, because as an oral language there is no standard way to write or spell it! I also learned some Mandarin while in China, and I’ve begun studying Thai during the lockdown. The tones frustrate me, but I know they are so important so I’m still persevering.”

Journey to Bangkok Patana

“I’ve worked in various teaching and coaching roles in Colombia, Switzerland (my first time living in my mother’s country), Beijing and even Azerbaijan, which was such a blend of cultures – a really fascinating place.”

“I see my career in education as a pathway rather than climbing up a career ladder; each past role contributes to the teacher I am right now. Most of my twenty plus years of experience is with the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) which is aligned with some of the values at Bangkok Patana. I was careful to take time to find the right school for me, and I’m confident that Bangkok Patana is it!”

“Children have such different passions and strengths. It is important to me to value each child as an individual and as a competent and well-rounded learner.”

First Impressions

“When I finished working in China, I decided to take a professional ‘gap year’ with time to study here in Bangkok and travel a bit, but got caught in the COVID-19 lockdown. I visited many top international schools but Bangkok Patana stood out with its amazing campus. Most importantly, however, the welcome from the staff and leaders during my visit and the curiosity and confidence of the students convinced me it’s a great learning environment.”  

Goals and Challenges

“This is my first time in this type of EAL role, although I have taught English language learners as a class teacher for many years. Languages are in my DNA, I speak German, French and Spanish at a decent level. I believe all of my own language learning has contributed to a better understanding of, and empathy with, the learner and where they are coming from.”

“I am looking forward to getting to know everybody and getting to know all the potential and possibilities at the school. There is such a richness and diversity of people here and it takes time to get to know that. There is a challenge in supporting such a wide range of learners but it’s the kind of challenge I find exciting.”

What Makes the World Go Round

I love cheese – life without cheese is nothing!

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