Meet the New Teacher: Meagan Wilson

Meet the New Teacher: Meagan Wilson

Meagan is looking forward to settling down in Bangkok with her husband, also a Patana teacher!

Year 1 Teacher

Meagan is our newest Year 1 teacher, she came to us after teaching in Vietnam and Slovakia. She is from the small island of Cape Breton in Canada and, like everyone on the island, is a passionate Cape Bretoner!

“We came out to interview at Bangkok Patana before COVID-19 really hit so we got to see the school then. We were really excited to come to Thailand. One of my first posts abroad was Thailand; my friend’s parents were actually teachers here then. I had a teaching interview and was really blown away by the school.”

The thing that stood out the most is that for such a huge school that offers so much, Bangkok Patana has such a family feel to it. The grounds feel cosy and the kids have so much independence to walk around here. It has the perks of a large school but the cosiness of a village school in England.

Journey to Bangkok Patana

“I was in Vietnam for three years before this and before but we are really looking to stay here. Before Vietnam we were in Slovakia and had a home there. After our son was born and grew up a bit it felt like a great time to move to Asia, something we always wanted to do. We are really looking to stay here.”

‘I studied in Political Science and History at university and couldn’t decide if I wanted to do my Masters in International Relations so I thought I might go teach English in South Korea to see if I liked it. I had a lot of experience working with children in summer camps, my dad is a teacher. I enjoyed teaching in South Korea so much that I moved to England and did my PGCE in the UK. I knew that British international schools were where I wanted to be.”

Goals and Challenges in the Coming Year

“At the moment I am really looking forward to getting involved in the school community. I am interested in Student Council, one of my big focuses in Vietnam was the environment and Patana is so far ahead of where we were in Vietnam. I would like to be a part of the Student Environmental Committee. I think the SEC work here is amazing.”

“Not adjusting to the heat! It’s so much cooler here than in Saigon. The big go-to for me is work/life balance. I am really passionate about education and I think that with all the opportunities offered here at school, I could get really involved and I need to remember that I am also a parent.”

“My husband Tony is also a new teacher here and my son Sam has just started Year 2. My son is desperate for a dog so we will get one next year. My big plan is getting him involved in animal charities to get him ready for pet ownership.”

“I am learning to play the cello; I don’t play other instruments. I love the cello and started learning how to play. I managed to do two or three years of lessons before my son was born and I hope to pick it up regularly now. I like to run and I like yoga. I was in Thailand for four years so I know the food and love it.”

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