Meet the New Teacher: Jordan Taylor

Meet the New Teacher: Jordan Taylor

Jordan Taylor is our new Secondary English teacher and Year 10 tutor.

Secondary English Teacher

Jordan Taylor is our new Secondary English teacher and Year 10 tutor. Originally from Sussex, he moved to Bangkok Patana from just outside Oxford with his partner, also a new teacher here. Jordan is a keen sailor, he raced competitively when he was younger and was a member of Team GB!

“The first thing I noticed was the supportive, exceptional nature of everyone at the school. From the induction team to security at the gates. It’s clear that everyone here loves their job and is very enthusiastic, it’s a very positive environment.”

“This is my first overseas international posting. When we were back in the UK we were looking for a new challenge and a new opportunity. We’ve always wanted to work abroad and when we found Bangkok Patana everything we heard was always positive. We did our research and saw that it was a world class school. The support that is there for us is exceptional, I just slotted straight into the faculty and lessons from Day 1, given the coronavirus crisis it’s been amazingly smooth. That is a credit to Patana and the team here.”

“I’ve never been to Thailand before this but I have travelled through India and Nepal, so I am really looking forward to getting out and exploring Thailand. One of the reasons we wanted to go abroad was to experience new cultures and celebrate diversity. Bangkok Patana clearly has a diverse population and cultures; there are different ideas from different students on texts based on their cultural backgrounds. It’s really exciting to see those perspectives being shared. It is really refreshing to have such diversity.”

Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

“I am really looking forward to becoming part of the Patana community. Making a difference in the English faculty whether it’s in the teaching on a daily basis or in ECAs. I am aware that not everyone enjoys reading and English as much as they could, and I think those reluctant readers haven’t found the right book. It’s really interesting how some kids just love it and pick it up right away. There are those who find it difficult; they have different strengths so reading might come second. So, when you are able to inspire them or get other students to inspire them to find a book that they can really enjoy.”

“I want to see how I can make the most of the different cultures in Patana – the diversity of backgrounds and recognising differences. How we approach that in texts in class will be the biggest opportunity for me.”

Taking Advantage of All That Thailand Has to Offer

“I love food, I am in the right place. Finding out more about Thai culture and Thai cuisine is at the top of the list. I am pretty excited to see the nature outside Bangkok in rural Thailand. I’d love to learn a little bit of Thai, it seems like a waste to live in Thailand and not learn at least a little bit.”

“I love sailing, I used to race competitively when I was younger. I represented Team GB in events. It’s something I would like to get back to more now that I am here – where the sea is warm! I know the Residential Trips offer sailing and I am interested in getting involved.”

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