Meet the Senior Delegate: Henry Brosnahan

Meet the Senior Delegate: Henry Brosnahan

Henry plans to open communication lines as one of the new Senior Delegates.

Henry Brosnahan is one of our new Senior Delegates, he’s been a member of the Patana family since Year 3.

“I think my organisational skills, the fact that I’ve had a lot of experience communicating with teachers including senior leadership, is one of my strengths. I am confident in expressing the interests of the student body to senior leadership. I am frequently involved in ECAs and I am the president of the Spectrum CAT club and the co-president of the Student Arts Council.”

What Makes a Good Senior Delegate?

“A good Senior Delegate is somebody who is able to represent, not just their own interests or the other senior delegates, but of all students at Bangkok Patana.”

I am hoping that we, as delegates, are able to establish open communication with senior leadership and make sure that the student voice is felt, heard and valued.” 

“I’m involved in Choir, Chamber Choir and Orchestra as my ECAs (and would usually be participating in the musical at this time), but I also enjoy running outside of school. My favourite subject is Theatre – it is a true passion of mine and I hope to go on to study it at university in Wellington.”

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