Meet the New Teacher – Putporn (Ball) Chantawannop – Cross Campus Assistant Head Tennis Coach

Meet the New Teacher – Putporn (Ball) Chantawannop – Cross Campus Assistant Head Tennis Coach

Introducing Coach Ball, our new Cross Campus Assistant Head Tennis Coach

Putporn (Khun Ball) studied professional tennis coaching at Sripatum University after competing in professional tennis for several years.

“I first started playing tennis when I was 13 and I was a student and my dad played tennis every weekend with my uncle. He always brought my sister and I there and so we started courses and my sister plays too. She is on the Thai National team for U30. I was with the Thai University team for tennis for the ASEAN University Games in Vietnam.

I did full time training as a professional tennis player before going back to school.  I continued working professionally but finally realised that it was time to stop travelling and settle down. I now have a wife and a young son. I went back to school and learned how to be a tennis coach and have worked at several international schools expanding their tennis programs since.

I think attitude is what makes a good tennis coach, you have to communicate. Tennis is such an individual sport; each student has different access and you have to find the right way to communicate with them. Students have to be open and have a good attitude to learn this kind of sport.

In tennis, if you are smart enough, you will find the right way to play against someone else – the physical side is not that important, it’s more about thinking and planning. You have to learn what you have and then use that ability in tennis.

I’ve been to Bangkok Patana School many times in the past, bringing students here to compete. The facilities here are really great, I can see that every year or two the facilities are improved. Tennis courts are resurfaced and improved on a regular basis.

This year my goal would be to get involved with all the kids in all areas as much as possible. Then I would like to learn more about which parts of the tennis program I can help improve and make better. Also, this is the first time I will be teaching PE as tennis and not just an ECA. I am very passionate about tennis – I know every child is different and each one has different goals, so I am flexible and try help them fit into the most areas, to try to make them happy when they play tennis.”

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