Meet the New Teacher: Samantha Finnie

Meet the New Teacher: Samantha Finnie

Year 6 teacher Samantha Finnie is excited to work in the collaborative environment at school.

Year 6 Teacher

Samantha Finnie taught in the extreme remote and rural parts of New South Wales in Australia after earning her B.Ed at the University of Sydney. She followed that with a Master’s in Educational Technology at Charles Sturt University.

Journey to Bangkok Patana

“I grew up in Sydney but taught in rural and remote parts of New South Wales – we were a two hour drive from a grocery store! Most recently, I taught Year 6 at the Australian International School Bangkok.”

“Looking at the website there were so many things that I was drawn to, I’ve only ever heard positive things about the school no matter who you talk to. When people talk about the school, the leadership and structures that are in place its very positive and how supportive it is as a school, it’s really nice to hear that about a school before you even start.”

“I love how the values are posted across the school, I’d seen it on the website but it was great to see it in practice. It has a vibe as a really positive place to be, whether a student or staff. On the whole, it feels like such a nice culture and it is fed from all levels. Everyone is reinforcing that.”

“I am most excited about working with the team of teachers in Year 6, for the past five years I’ve been the only one in my Year, so it’s really great to join a team. Everyone in Year 6 is so supportive and knowledgeable so that makes it very exciting for me. I am looking forward to learning a new curriculum. I will be learning the structures at Bangkok Patana, there are so many but once you know them it works so well. It’s good for me to share learning new things with my students, it’s a great opportunity for me to develop and grow professionally.”

Enjoying the Atmosphere in School and Bangkok

“I came here in September to do my practical teaching interview in Year 6. Some things that stood out to me were how friendly everyone was, students and adults. No matter who I spoke to they were open and friendly and happy to answer questions.”

“The kids here are amazing, I’d met children from Bangkok Patana before my interview and I was never surprised with the kids from Patana, they had respect and self-assurance in their demeanour.”

“I play netball, rugby, football and I am involved in Bangkok Community Theatre. I like playing computer games, I even built my own computer. I have been involved with environmental and animal rights activism, including organising khlong clean ups.”

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