Meet the New Teacher: Sara Hayde

Meet the New Teacher: Sara Hayde

Sara is our new Foundation Stage 2 teacher

Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Sara Hayde hails from New Zealand where she earned her Bachelors in Education. She recently came to Bangkok Patana from China where she taught at an international school in Hangzhou.

“When I first arrived at Bangkok Patana I was just impressed with how outstanding everything here is; the facilities are great and the people were incredibly friendly and welcoming. As soon as I walked in I knew this was a place I wanted to work.”

The Journey to Patana

“Before Patana I was teaching in China where I really enjoyed the international teaching life as it was my first international position. Interacting with children from different cultures and languages. I could have incredible discussions with the parents on how different it is for children who are in only one culture. My husband and I started talking about going international out of China but mostly in South East Asia. The people here are really friendly and we thought Thailand would be a fantastic place to live.”

Goals for the Coming Year

“I am really looking forward to getting really deep into our programme in Foundation Stage and working with the children in FS and seeing the learning develop from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Last year with COVID was really hard for the students so I hope we can see the children really develop their learning through the year. I am looking forward to the opportunities to grow and develop as a teacher here at Patana as it has so many opportunities. I want to become a stronger teacher.”

“I am looking forward to the challenge of stepping into a new school and learning the different processes and the different ways of teaching. My last school was a bilingual school so it was quite different. Patana does things in a unique way, very child centred. I plan on understanding the Foundation Stage philosophy and following that through in my teaching. Another challenge will be finding my way around the school!”

“I am looking forward to travelling around Thailand as we both love to travel. I like to play sports and scuba diving. We like exploring different places, walking around, going on a boat trip. We like to see new things and experience different cultures. We are excited to learn more about Thailand and enjoy the local food like locals eat.”

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