Netflix ‘Monkey King’ Meets his Patana Counterpart

The cast of The Monkey King met the real Monkey King, Chai Hansen, star of The New Legends of Monkey.

With the success of the recent Key Stage 3 Production, ‘The Monkey King’, we thought that all of the performance hype had calmed down, but we were wrong! Last Friday, we were fortunate to be visited by Chai Hansen, the star of the recent series on Netflix – The New Legends of Monkey.  Our Monkey King students were thrilled to have the famous Monkey King himself visit us at Bangkok Patana.

To celebrate Chai’s visit, the students performed the opening and final scenes of their play. Chai was able to talk to our students about ‘what it takes to be an actor’ and all of the exciting projects he has done since performing as a professional actor. What an absolutely incredible way to finish our performance of The Monkey King!