New Perspectives for Learning Online and From Home

Teachers find innovative ways to hold lessons.

Term 2 started with CSL – Continuing Student Learning, which happens when the campus is forced to school and students learn online and at home. While some encountered a few hiccups (the internet is never guaranteed!), the general feedback from students and teachers was positive. Students offered their thanks and encouragement to teachers for all their efforts in making online learning seamless.

What Students Say About Their Teachers

They’ve found many great ways to teach us through a screen, keeping the lesson entertaining and educative. I’d like to praise them for their patience with the difficulties and complications that online learning brings and also for their accessibility, they’ve always been online to answer any questions I have to help me with my work at home. 😊

Year 12 student

Awesome teacher makes CSL lessons really engaging because of his fun personality!!

Year 10 student

His teaching style is so simple but so engaging, and I love how much he actually cares about his student’s performance, coming to check on us regularly and going out of his way to help us.

Year 13 student

He automatically identified areas of improvement and had a lesson on it the next day, which was beneficial for me. He interacted with us on the calls, making CSL more interesting.

Year 12 student

She truly cares about her student’s learning and student life, and she regularly converses with us about our circumstances both in academia and outside of academia. Besides being an amazing teacher, she is also funny, making the class engaging and entertaining.

Year 13 student

She is very helpful during tutorial and registration, checking in with everyone to see how they are doing and reminding us about things we need to do.

Year 11 student

Being new can be hard, I really enjoy your lessons and think you are a good teacher and tutor.

Year 10 student

What Our Teachers Say About Their Students

Most of the credit goes to them, they also bring the right attitude with them and work really hard. 

This has really made my day. 😊 I’m also glad they are feeling well looked-after, I really feel for them dealing with COVID-19 during their exam years. 😊😊😊