Nicola Thornback, Primary EAL Teacher

Welcome Nicola Thornback, EAL Teacher Years 1 and 2

Originally from Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK, Nicola Thornback attended university in Liverpool before moving abroad to teach EAL in China for two years, followed by two years in Malaysia. Nicola is currently pursuing her MA in Teaching EAL and appreciates the diverse student body at Bangkok Patana as it makes a great environment, particularly for a language teacher! Having moved to Bangkok with her husband, Todd Thornback, last year, Nicola spent some time as a cover teacher before her current post. She thoroughly enjoys the problem-solving aspect of teaching EAL, as she has to be a creative innovator in order to help support students overcome their individual challenges. “That ‘aha’ moment is so wonderful and rewarding to a teacher!” she said. Nicola is excited to be working with students in Years 1 and 2, particularly as they adapt to the challenges of returning to ‘normalcy’ after years of COVID, which has had a major impact on speech development. However, she notes that it is vital to meet the students where they are in their learning journey, as that will ensure success despite any obstacles.

Nicola appreciates how the school helps staff to feel connected right away and loves all of the unique spaces for learning around campus. The variety of learning spaces also encourage the students’ familiarity with different learning styles, such as small groups, collaborative and individual. In her free time, Nicola enjoys yoga and travelling, in addition to spending time with her son, Louis. She takes after her librarian mother in that she loves reading – a wonderful connection to the beauty of language!