Stephanie de Guzman, Mathematics Faculty

Meet Stephanie de Guzman, Secondary Mathematics Teacher

Stephanie de Guzman is a returning Bangkok Patana teacher who was born in Manila, Philippines and grew up in Toronto, Canada. Throughout the past 18 years, she has taught in Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Thailand, lending to her ability to speak five languages! When looking at schools for herself and the family, her search was motivated by finding a community that encouraged opportunities for professional and personal development. Her daughters, who are now aged 11 and 13, began school at Bangkok Patana in Foundation Stage. With her husband, Florian Lauffer, their family loves to travel, try new foods and play boardgames, especially the “Spiel des Jahres” winners.

As a Mathematics teacher, Stephanie loves that this profession always brings her the opportunity to learn new things. Helping students to embrace mistakes and to overcome their hesitancy or fear, particularly with maths, ensures that she is always engaged in the classroom. Throughout this first year of her return to Bangkok Patana, Stephanie is looking forward to updating her methodologies, implementing new research-based strategies and techniques and reconnecting with staff, students, friends and the wider community. Stephanie further expressed her appreciation for her family’s house manager who has returned to work with them and the balance in her life that she is able to maintain whilst living in Bangkok. She is further grateful for all of the opportunities and quality time this has afforded her daughters and her family.