Isobel Bushell, Year 6 Teacher

Meet Isobel Bushell, Year 6 Class Teacher

Isobel Bushell is from Tunbridge Wells, Kent and attended university in London. Following her qualifications, she began teaching at Doha College in Qatar where she worked for the past nine years. Seeking a new experience, Isobel became interested in Bangkok Patana particularly because of our school’s holistic values. She appreciates the diversity in the classroom at international schools and is really looking forward to spending her first year here growing as a teacher, learning from her colleagues and adapting to her new environment. Isobel expressed that the other teachers in her Year group have been supportive, open and reflective, helping her to adapt her teaching style and to remain ever-excited to trial new methods in her classroom. As this is her fifth year teaching Year 6, she definitely has some experience with this age group. That being said, Isobel noted that building positive relationships with her students is her favourite aspect of teaching, and that through individual dialogues, she can encourage students’ growth and progress. While on campus, Isobel enjoys engaging with learners; outside of the classroom, she is a keen cyclist and loves the outdoors.