Not Farewell but See You Later!

Not Farewell but See You Later!

The last day of the school year always begins with the final whole school assembly.

The Whole School gathered for the final time this academic year to bid a fond “See you later”! The emcees from Year 12 and Year 6 kept the show rolling along with enthusiasm and flair. Tara Gibson from Year 9 gave an amazing rendition of the Thai National Anthem before the crowd enjoyed the Peter Gunn Theme performed by the Bangkok Patana Big Band.  Other fabulous performers included the Taiko drummers from Years 5 and 6 and dancers from the Dance and Drama Academy.  Musical performances by recent graduates of the Class of 2019 had students dancing in their seats!

Head of School Matt Mills warmly welcomed parents and students noting that as usual, it had been a busy and exhilarating year. He gave good wishes to the Graduating Class and to those students moving on to other schools before presenting tokens of appreciation to departing academic staff.  Mr Mills noted that when asking alumni about their time at Patana they invariably mentioned the life-long friendships, caring teachers, amazing facilities, sports and music, International Day and this year’s musical, Hairspray. He said that leaving teachers mentioned the positive students who are so eager to learn and always prepared to give something new a chance. “This is a special school, we are a family. We are sad to see them go but they are always a part of Patana,” concluded Mr Mills.

Ms Helen Thew launched the annual #PatanaSummerSelfie which features #WellBeing. Post your photo and a short story to Instagram with #PatanaSummerSelfie or email your photo and story to Miss Helen You may be featured at the Welcome Back Assembly in August!

Secondary students had one more assembly in the day – the Awards Assembly recognised students for their efforts in various areas.

Hope you all have well deserved rest!

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