Scientific Research and Experimentation for Year 12 Students

Scientific Research and Experimentation for Year 12 Students

Year 12 Students finished off the year with rigorous scientific research.

Ask any student what they love about their Science lessons and the most common answer is “I love the practical work!”  Year 12 Internal Assessments of the Sciences Week gives Bangkok Patana Year 12 students a golden opportunity to design and conduct their own piece of genuine scientific research.

A selection of some of the unique titles and research questions from this year is below; some of them are highly topical for Bangkok.      

  • How do four different wall building materials differ with respect to heat retention in an urban building?
  • How does particulate matter concentration change from a busy urban road to an urban natural area located 400 meters away?
  • How do chillies reduce pest destruction of rice grain stores?
  • The foraging choices of red ants in the genus Oecophylla
  • How does EDTA affect the rate of a catalysed (Co2+) reaction?
  • How does the period that calcium carbonate chips are soaked in sodium fluoride affect the rate of production of carbon dioxide when reacted with an acid?
  • How does changing the number of coils turns in a homopolar motor affect its speed of revolution?
  • How does the alcohol content of a liquid affect the resonant frequency of a “singing glass”?

It’s an intense way to finish the academic year for our Year 12 students, but also intensely rewarding!

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