Not Just Any Sandwich by Year 5 Students

Year 5 create dream sandwiches

This is not just any sandwich. This a Year 5 dream sandwich. Your favourite combination of scrumptious, tasty ingredients inside a bread of your choice from around the world! A taste explosion that could brighten any school closure day. If you could design your own what would you put in it?

As part of the Year 5 learning theme – ‘Food – A world in our kitchen!’ the students were set this challenge. They explored their favourite flavours and recipes to design their own perfect combination. Many contained cheese whilst others took on a sweet twist. After thinking about their ingredients, they wrote a recipe for others to follow so their flavour sensations could be reproduced. However, no food can claim to be Michelin-starred until it is tested on others. So, the students hosted a lunch party where their esteemed guests, who were invited by a handwritten persuasive invitation, tasted their culinary creations. The reviews suggest their sandwiches were a huge success so maybe we have some budding chefs and restaurateurs on our hands here at Bangkok Patana!

Year 5 Recipes