Other Visitors to Our Campus

A wide variety of local and exotic fauna visit school.

It’s not just flora that catches our photographers’ eye, but the fauna that thrives in our wonderful eco-system at Bangkok Patana. We have many birds that love to visit our ponds and squirrels that play in our trees. Sometimes we get that rare visitor, the beautiful kingfisher or a white squirrel that roams the campus. Monitor lizards show up from time to time too. However, they are quickly removed and re-homed elsewhere by our diligent Buildings and Grounds team. Even rarer still are the elusive Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus that only come out in Foundation Stage when children are at home!

Our diverse and healthy eco-system makes a wonderful home to many species. Can you name all the species here? (A special thanks to Foundation Stage for sharing some of their animals with us!)

patana wildlife