University Offers: Rebecca Leiler

University Offers: Rebecca Leiler

Rebecca plans to study Environmental Science.

Congratulations to Rebecca for her offers from University College Dublin and Franklin University in Switzerland!

“I am still currently on the fence on my decision, as I am still awaiting the response of two other universities. However, I am planning on studying Environmental Science in the future. which is why I am leaning towards Franklin. From the youngest age, I remember people always asking me “What would you like to do in the future?” I would always give a whimsical answer related to nature. Be it ‘fisher lady,’ ranger for nature reserves, marine biologist etc. So the field I wanted to study was set, it was just determining what I can do in that field. After my expedition to Antarctica, my reason to work with the environment solidified. I came back with a goal; to work on preserving the environment. In my opinion, the way to do that is to understand the environment, understand how different factors can influence it. That is why I decided to study Environmental Science.”

Time at Bangkok Patana

“I have been a student at Bangkok Patana since Year 4. Playing on the Junior Varsity Softball and Junior Varsity Football was important and I also took part in the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.”

“As a member of the Student Environmental Council I helped organise the first trip to Chiang Mai and helped install renewable/sustainable solar kits for the rural village. Also, I took part in the proposal to install solar panels in our school. Currently, I am working on building a Bangkok Patana forest. I was President of the Patana Community Garden and am a part of the CAT club One4One.”

“In addition, I play the piano, I’ve been playing piano for roughly 14 years now. I hope to organise a poetry open mic night with a friend once things get back to normal!”

University offers
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