Passing the Torch

Passing the Torch

Alum Sharan Hora wants her children to benefit from the Bangkok Patana experience.

We are always pleased to have our alumni return to school, but even more so than when they choose Bangkok Patana for their children.

Alum Sharan Hora believes in the importance of passing the Patana torch to her children. Sharan shared her memories and talked about the huge influence attending Bangkok Patana had on her life and her desire to see her children have the same strong foundation.

Sharan was part of the the first Year group to go through (I)GCSE at Bangkok Patana, the first to take the IBDP and the first graduating class in 1997. She saw the transformation of the school from the campus at Soi Navin to Soi LaSalle.

She recently explained in an interview in Masala magazine the valuable life skills she learned while at Bangkok Patana and that she hopes these will be instilled in her children as well. “Patana not only stressed academic excellence, but also pushed students to be more well-versed in other areas and activities beyond the classroom. I believe that through the education I received from my teachers and the activities that I was involved in, I learnt some of my most valuable life skills. I learnt discipline, how to manage my time and how to multi-task. I also learnt how to communicate effectively with teachers and peers, how to problem solve and how to not only be a great team player, but also how to be an effective leader. I strongly believe all these life skills instilled from a young age have helped me succeed in all the roles that I play today.”

Sharan’s two children, one in Year 7 and another in Year 9, will benefit from Sharan’s experiences, “Although it has grown significantly since the time I was here, it still feels like home. The education I received at Bangkok Patana was a great foundation for my further education and career, and it just seemed like the most natural option that we would want for our children.” Read more of Sharan’s experiences in Masala Magazine here.

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