Senior Leadership Update – 2nd November 2021

Senior Leadership Update – 2nd November 2021

New requirements for ATK testing and amended food services.

Dear Parents,

We’ve now welcomed two groups of students back to campus and are looking forward to seeing our last group return to campus next Monday. Our students have come back onto campus with a positive spirit and are valuing interacting with their friendship groups.

Following feedback from our parent community, we have adjusted some of our initial processes and we detail these changes below.

ATK Testing

Our parents have asked for more ATK testing within the community. Moving forward:

  1. All parents will need to test their children weekly. The ATK test should be done between 7.30 am on Friday and 4.30 pm on Sunday. The test result must be uploaded HERE by 5.00 pm every Sunday. Children whose results have not been received by the deadline will not be allowed onto campus on Monday morning.
  2. On top of the weekly testing, staff and students will be randomly chosen to do an ATK test. If your child is chosen, you will receive an email by Monday, a test will be sent home with your child and the results must be uploaded by 5.00 pm on Wednesday, or your child will not be allowed onto campus on Thursday morning.
  3. In addition to the random testing, our staff (most of whom are triple vaccinated) will undergo mandatory COVID-19 testing bi-weekly.
  4. Parents are advised to test all members in your household on a regular basis.

These ATK provisions far exceed the requirements as laid out to the school by the Ministry of Public Health for safe school opening.

Food Services Update

Thank you to all the parents who shared feedback in the first week of our boxed lunch programme. The boxed lunch programme will continue until we are permitted by the BMA to revert to normal food provision. The constraints are that we have to prepare food early in the morning, making sure that it is palatable, safe and nutritious when each student receives their box at lunch time.

We introduced a meat option this week and are currently fine-tuning future food provision. We will be offering multiple food options for pre-ordering from the week of 15th November. This will be available for all Primary students and for Secondary students who are on the set lunch programme.

Group 3 Return to Campus

On Monday 8th November, we will welcome students in Year 1, 3, 5, 9 and 10. Parents of these children should complete and/or update the Health and Travel Declaration form for yourself and your child(ren). Please email your child(ren)’s teacher/tutor, if your child(ren) is/are not returning to campus.

Parents of children in all Year groups must upload a negative ATK test result. The test must be done between Friday 5th November at 7.30 am and Sunday 7th November at 4.30 pm. Your ATK results must be uploaded here before 5.00 pm on Sunday.

Please DO NOT send your children to school if you have not uploaded the test results.

We are working towards keeping our community as safe as possible and striking a balance between the needs of the parent body, practicalities and medical science!

We are all looking forward to celebrating International Day this Friday.

Best wishes,

Senior Leadership Team

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.