Patana Pathways – Tarini

Patana Pathways – Tarini

Taking on the World of Architecture..

Tarini’s Patana Pathway started seven years ago and in that span of time she showcased her passion for design. An affinity for Math, D+T and Geography laid the foundation for Tarini’s dream of pursuing Architecture. These subjects, which she took at the higher level in the IB programme, allowed her to blend logical thinking with creativity. “I like the idea of adding my flair of creativity to our world,” Tarini explained when asked why she chose architecture, her focus being on sustainable architecture.

Tarini’s school projects often combined her love for design with making a positive impact on people and the local environment. A highlight was her participation in SEC’s Solar Village Trip in Year 12 as part of the D+T coursework. Tarini created a functional toy – Spectrum’d Spin (pictured below) for children with mobility and vestibular issues. “This hands-on project was a significant learning experience as I went in-depth using CAD software and managed the entire design and manufacturing process”, recalls Tarini. The experience further inspired her to design and build her own project designing prototypes of toys for children with physical challenges. Beyond academics, Tarini actively engaged in various school clubs such as SEC and DiabeOne and was also a Student Delegate.

Tarini will be pursuing Architecture at Pratt Institute. She also received offers from Parsons School of Design, The New School, Drexel University, SAIC (School of the Arts Institute Chicago) and Temple University. She was offered scholarships from all these institutions.

Bangkok Patana wishes you the very best Tarini!

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