‘Kodomo No Hi’

‘Kodomo No Hi’

Celebrating Childrens Day in Japan

Children’s Day is celebrated in Japan on 5th May and in Japanese, this day is called ‘Kodomo no Hi’. Did you know that in Japan, people take the whole week off to spend time with their families?

Year 7 Japanese World Language students had the opportunity to learn more about Children’s Day (こどもの日/kodomo no hi). They gained an understanding of the traditions and the importance the day has on Japanese families; they celebrate by decorating the streets and their homes with fish-shaped flags of different colours.

During their lesson, students made paper carps out of origami paper, and created a cup and ball toy out of card paper. “I really enjoyed these activities because the results were so pretty! I think ‘Kodomo no hi’ is a really fun celebration and it really tells us a lot about Japanese culture”, reflected Annabelle from 7L.

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