Patana Pathways – Krish

Patana Pathways – Krish

Senior Delegate, Varsity Golf Captain, Founder and President of Super Satang, House Captain, Well-Being Ambassador, the list goes on for this nearly 18 year old..

Krish’s 14-year journey at Bangkok Patana School is nothing short of remarkable. Dedicated, kind and enterprising, Krish’s Patana Pathway was a vibrant mix of academic excellence and diverse extracurricular activities.

From Year 9, Krish dreamt of studying at Stanford University. Keeping the goal in mind and striving for it, Krish participated in various activities to develop the social and leadership skills he needed. He dedicated his time as a Senior Delegate, showcased his athletic prowess as Varsity Golf Captain and his entrepreneurial spirit emerged as Founder and President of Super Satang, an extra-curricular club focussing on financial literacy. He inspired peers as a House Captain for Phuket House and also as a Well-Being Ambassador. Volunteering as a Mercy Centre Tutor and singing as a Senior Choir Tenor showcased his dedication to community and culture. During the pandemic, Krish also founded Krishelin, an Instagram food blog that grew into a thriving business, launching the successful chili oil sauce, ‘Spice It! By Krishelin,’ achieving over USD 15,000 in revenue. He furthered youth innovation as Program Director of Moonshots Thailand, a venture inspired by a summer programme at Stanford and partnered with a professor from the university. While in Year 12, Krish authored ‘Follow The Coin: A Financial Literacy Adventure’, educating young readers on essential financial concepts.

All these accomplishments were achieved while Krish pursued the rigorous IB programme. When asked how he managed, he said, “I like to stay on top of deadlines and keep myself motivated. Change always motivates me, and that’s what I strive for every time.”

Krish’s perseverance and dedication has finally taken him to his ‘dream come true’, a new journey to pursue Economics at Stanford. Krish also received offers from USC Marshall School of Business, UCLA and Babson University.

Congratulations Krish and we wish you all the best!

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