Patana Pathways – Gao Kamalanavin

Patana Pathways – Gao Kamalanavin

Join us in celebrating Grad’23 Patana Pathways!

Through her Geography and Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) International Award trips, Kamolnisa (Gao) Kamalanavin realised how much she enjoys field work and research. These courses, as well as her Key Stage 4 Science courses, provided hands-on experiences that influenced Gao’s decision to study Geology at Imperial College London. Interested in “the intricacies of our natural environment”, Gao selected her university of choice as it is a research-intensive institution and, as such, is recognised as a member of the Russell Group. She explained further that Imperial College London’s Geology course “has a large emphasis on field work with many research opportunities” and that the course structure also aligns with her niche interests within the field.

At Bangkok Patana, Gao is always excited for practical lessons in her Higher Level IB Biology and Chemistry courses because she gets to “feel like a mad scientist using all of the cool lab equipment!” These practicals have made learning science a fun experience for Gao, something that she was able to share with the audience at the recent ASE Conference, where she also helped to lead one of the day’s sessions. Looking back on her 15 years at Bangkok Patana, Gao remembers how she felt nervous to transition to Secondary school “because it seemed like such a big jump academically”. Growing through her challenges, she has since developed a strong sense of independence and is excited to experience life in a new country.

With her Patana Pathway leading her to pursue Geology, Gao truly embodies a literal interpretation of the word “rockstar” – she also plays guitar and enjoys rock climbing! Congratulations, Gao!

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