Patana Pathways – Hubert Wang

Patana Pathways – Hubert Wang

Join us in celebrating Grad’23 Patana Pathways!

With an offer for the Data Science programme at Purdue University, which boasts only a 16% acceptance rate, Bo Jun (Hubert) Wang is looking forward to enrolling in STEM-oriented courses, such as Data Mining and Machine Learning, as well as joining the Lawson School of Computer Science. Hubert’s goal is to become a Data Scientist or Machine Learning Engineer. He credits his (I)GCSE Mathematics and IB Higher Level Mathematics courses for the influence they had on his decision to pursue data science. Outside of statistics and calculus, Hubert also enjoyed IB Geography as a respite from the more numbers-intensive courses.

Throughout his seven years at Bangkok Patana School, Hubert’s favourite memory was attending the Christmas Concerts with his friends – “the Christmas atmosphere is undefeated!”. He goes on to reminisce about his seven-year tenure in the Student Environmental Committee (SEC), eventually having made it to the position of President. “My proudest achievement was helping the future leaders of our club to expand our reach,” he said. The SEC supports a rural community in Wiang Heng, Chiang Mai through the installation of solar panels and other environmental initiatives. Recently, through the Angela Royle Fun Run, the Bangkok Patana School community raised USD 4,400 to construct playground equipment for the small school. The playground equipment will be installed in 2024 on the SEC’s fourth annual visit to the village. Although Hubert will be away at Purdue when this visit occurs, he is proud to have supported this project through the years.

Hubert attended Primary school in Taiwan and said that starting at Bangkok Patana in Year 7 was terrifying as he hadn’t fully developed his English-language skills. He noted, however, that the EAL programme helped him to gain confidence and to find his footing in Secondary School. As a unique culmination to his journey, Hubert wrote his IB Extended Essay (EE) in Chinese. Stepping forward on his Patana Pathway, Hubert said he is “extremely excited to be able to live in a cold climate and to see Purdue’s campus fully covered in snow.” Congratulations, Hubert!

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