PTG Recaps Successful Year

PTG Recaps Successful Year

A busy and eventful year for the PTG..

The Bangkok Patana School PTG recapped a successful year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2023/24. Parent Teacher Group (PTG), Chair Safy Rizk highlighted activities of a busy year that fostered community engagement, echoing the motto ‘PTG is Fun!’ Head of School, Chris Sammons, underscored the shared commitment of both PTG and the school to the well-being of the children, emphasising joint efforts in providing a nurturing environment for families. The PTG team extended heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers whose dedication supported PTG activities throughout the year.

Financial accounts of the PTG were reviewed and approved during the meeting. The assembly also voted on the new roster of PTG representatives for the 2024/25 school year, bidding farewell to outgoing members and welcoming new additions to the committee with appreciation and enthusiasm.

There was a record breaking show of parents at this year’s AGM and it was great to see our community’s enthusiasm and support for the three candidates running for PTG Chair.

Welcome to these parents who were elected to the PTG Committee for 2024/25:

FS2 Rep – Napon Eamcharoenying

Year 1 Rep – Pattamanun (Kat) Heeptong

Year 5 Rep – Inna Matijasevich

Secondary Rep – Sharan Hora (re-elected)

Treasurer – Dennis Stech

TigerShop Manager – Sumedha Rawat

PTG Chair- Safy Rizk (re-elected)

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