PTG Farewell to Matt Mills

PTG Farewell to Matt Mills

The PTG gave Mr Mills a wonderful send off…

The feeling in the Black Box was definitely melancholy as parents gathered to wish outgoing Head of School Matt Mills farewell. Mr Mills took the theme “Hello Goodbye” to heart, and was pleased that his love of The Beatles was incorporated into the event. “It’s a strange feeling saying goodbye,” he said to the assembled parents, “I’ve had the privilege of experiencing joy on a daily basis, being able to teach and lead your children.” He shared his top tip for parents, “Find that connection with your children. It is absolutely invaluable.”

Parents in the room shared anecdotes of their interactions with Mr Mills amongst themselves and with the man himself, many of them evoking hoots of laughter! There were quite a few people surreptitiously dabbing the corner of their eyes as many acknowledged the end of an era at Bangkok Patana School. To be the longest serving head of one of the oldest international schools in Thailand is monumental – and the parents certainly made Mr Mills feel very loved and appreciated. Many people were trying to keep their emotions in check, but then all was lost when Mr Mills ended his time at the microphone by singing, “When you say hello, I say goodbye!”

Farewell Mr Mills! The privilege has been all ours.

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