PTG Quiz Night

PTG Quiz Night

Your guess is as good as mine..

On Tuesday night, the PTG hosted its first Quiz Night, creating a lively and fun atmosphere for both parents and teachers. The event was a huge success, with everyone enjoying the night filled with laughter, challenging questions and delicious freshly made pizzas (which vanished in plain sight within few seconds!). Each team showed their creative side by coming up with unique and amusing names. From ‘Les Quizzerables’ to ‘Quiz Salmons’, there was no dirth of fun names. The winning team for the most fun name was ‘CHATPTG,’ and the runners-up were ‘Never Gonna Quiz You Up…!’

‘Colouring Pencils’ stole the limelight with the highest score and special mention to the ‘Educated Guessers’ for their least educated guesses =D. The evening was not just about quizzing; it also brought the school community closer together in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

Thank you to the PTG team for all your efforts in making school more fun for all!

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