Exploring Amazing Thailand

Exploring Amazing Thailand

Year 1 Students Dive into Term 3

Term 3 kicked off with excitement as Year 1 students dived into an exploration of Thailand and its culture. The children engaged in a spirited Songkran Splash, tasted a selection of delicious Thai fruits, using Thai animal puppets, they performed puppet shows and learned some traditional dance moves to Thai music. They learned about the significance of elephants in Thailand and made elephant masks, symbolising conservation efforts. Students also enjoyed Thai story time giving them a chance to learn about, and reflect on, unique traditions, values, and customs and provide a sense of global citizenship.

After listening to The Umbrella Queen, by Shirin Yim Bridges and the main character, Noot, Year 1 children have been busy decorating their own paper umbrellas. Having spent time and effort creating them, the children then decided to write persuasive letters to our ‘King’ of the Primary School, Mr Verde, to come along and judge their umbrellas. The children explained how happy it would make them, and how proud they would be if he were to choose an Umbrella King or Queen. We were delighted when King Verde replied, confirming he would pay us a visit, and what an exciting visit it was! Our umbrellas will now be put on display throughout the Year 1 area, so please do pay us a visit and you can view them for yourselves.

What an exciting adventure!

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