Quantum Physics Day

Quantum Physics Day

Dynamic collaboration expands understanding

Hosting Quantum Physics Day 2023 brought together 27 students from eight different schools in the region who are passionate about Physics and have a strong basis of in-school learning. Students participated in intriguing experiments that investigated different facets of quantum mechanics, which is one of the most complex areas of Physics.

Students and teachers probed to gather knowledge in an effort to answer two deceptively simple questions: “What is light?” and “What is an electron?”. To do this, participants were split into two teams of nine groups, with each group consisting of three students from different schools. These mixed groups encouraged cooperation, communication and the sharing of diverse ideas throughout the day. As every student had a different level of knowledge about the topic prior to the event, all participants’ understanding of quantum mechanics was broadened as a result.

Some positive feedback was shared by student participants after the conclusion of the event:

  • “This was a great experience to collaborate with like-minded individuals to explore the mysteries of quantum physics.”
  • “The experiments were fun and engaging. We were unfamiliar with most, so they required us to stretch our thinking and explain in terms of why they proved light/electrons to be particles or waves.”
  • “This was an incredibly interactive and engaging experience. The facilities and experiments were really high-quality.”
  • “The unprecedented experience in which like-minded teachers and students help and collaborate with each other to understand the complications of quantum physics. Physics teachers from all schools were so helpful, thought-provoking and ‘cool’. A great experience! It was humbling to meet fellow geniuses.”
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