Did You Understand? Quick Assessments in Mathematics

Did You Understand? Quick Assessments in Mathematics

Setting problems in Google Forms allows for immediate feedback.

Senior Studies students have been using Google Forms in Mathematics to show their understanding in Mathematics. Samuel Mooring, Senior Studies Curriculum Leader in Mathematics, explains how this helps him give immediate feedback and spot trends.

Gaining Understanding of Student Comprehension

“So many mathematical problems need to be tackled using paper and pen, often using diagrams, and I initially struggled to get a snapshot on how well students understood the concepts that we have covered in class.”

“It is important to allow students time to learn the techniques, ask me questions and practice to gain fluency. Also, students need immediate feedback on whether they have understood or not,” said Sam Mooring.

Using Google Forms in Mathematics

“To solve this, I set five to eight multiple choice questions to my students at the end of each lesson. Students answer these via Google Forms – this immediately informs the students if they are correct, as well as letting me know. Each of the incorrect options are the result of a common misconception, so I can tell what mistake the student has made. It is easy for me to track the responses of individual students and then give feedback specific to them. This also allows me to spot trends for the whole class which provides a focus for the start of the next lesson.”

“In addition to recommending this approach to my colleagues, I hope that my students have benefitted from this feedback opportunity despite working at home.”

I enjoy doing Google forms to test my ability in certain topics in Mathematics. I feel like it captures the essence of “on the spot questions” which cater to my needs.

Vijay Murali Krishnan, 13B
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