Rhythm and Motion in Foundation Stage!

Introductions to music in Foundation Stage…

Primary Music Teacher, Charles McClean, has been providing introductions to music for our Foundation Stage children this week. The opportunity to begin learning about rhythm and motion as it relates to music provides children with positive ways to express themselves, develops their confidence and begins to instil an interest in the arts. Introducing basic music-related skills align with the Foundation Stage’s Characteristics of Effective Learning, including “making links and noticing patterns”, “having a go” by exploring something new and engaging in active learning by which they continue trying even after having made mistakes.

Music lessons are provided to all students throughout their Primary years, as the aim of the Primary Music Curriculum is for all students, by the end of Year 6, to have developed their music ability through performing, composing, listening and appraising music from a range of contexts and styles. Primary students are also encouraged to participate in various onsite opportunities, including Beginner’s Band and the Instrumental Music Programme.