Year 5 Water Walk

Water, water everywhere with Year 5!

Year 5 held their annual Water Walk in which students consider the challenges in access to clean water in support of the Cambodia Clean Water Project. As an entry point to their new unit of learning “Water Water Everywhere”, students considered what life would be like without the luxury of limitless clean water. During their assembly this morning, students heard from characters ‘living’ in different localities around Thailand, each with a different perspective about access to water. For some students, this was the first time they had realised that not everyone has access to running water at home. Then, in their Science lessons, they saw for themselves how difficult it is to clean dirty water in order for it to be safe to drink. Finally, Year 5 students carried buckets of water through an obstacle course around the Primary field in an effort to gain greater empathy for the many people around the world who need to travel to access water. While they did enjoy a day of fun activities, the students all agreed that it would be very difficult if to face these issues everyday.

The driving question throughout Term 1 in Year 5’s learning will be “How can we ensure communities have access to safe water?” A range of learning activities will help them address this question over the coming weeks. Towards the end of Term 1, students will raise money to support the Cambodia Clean Water Project. Last year’s Water Walk facilitated the development of 16 water wells – stay tuned to see this year’s success!