Robots… Do What You Are Told!

Year 1 are learning how to code and guide robots with commands.

Year 1 are learning how to tell their robots to “do what you are told”! The students are learning how to create commands, sequences and algorithms to guide their robots (either real or virtual). Each student has spent time solving different challenges on desktops and iPads and with the little yellow Beebots robots on the floor. As they develop greater confidence, they are taking on more and more complex challenges. This helps the students to improve their planning skills, command accuracy, problem solving and debugging skills. Some are now also making short videos to explain the solutions they have created and talk about some of the mistakes they made.

As any one who has coded before knows, we spend 99 percent of our time not knowing the answer, because once we do, we move onto the next problem. Year 1s are learning how to not only accept this state but overcome challenges and succeed through perseverance. There is always a great feeling of satisfaction and pride when the little robot reaches its target and beeps in triumph!