Santa Claus is Coming… to Foundation Stage!

Children in FS participate in various festive activities, including a Christmas donation to the Home of Praise.

Santa Claus made an early visit to Foundation Stage! After parking his reindeer on the roof, Santa spent some time with the children and enjoyed their Christmas song performances. He delighted in admiring the Christmas tree with Bangkok Patana children, making a note to mark them as ‘good boys and girls’ on his list. Children asked Santa if they could still receive Christmas gifts, even if their home doesn’t have a chimney. Santa reassured them that he has special magic to guarantee that all children receive their Christmas gifts!

Children also participated in various festive activities and role plays in the lead-up to the Christmas holidays. They made Christmas cards and sent them in the ‘post’, practiced wrapping gifts, and learned about the values of giving. Accordingly, Foundation Stage children interviewed the Head Teacher from the Home of Praise Nursery in Khlong Toey to determine some essential items that would be helpful to donate. Then, children purchased items and brought them to school for the donation drive. They learned about being active volunteers and the importance of helping others. FS children were excited to share their joy and support with the local community through this festive activity. We join our youngest children in wishing Happy Holidays to all!