Year 12 Study Pond Flora

Year 12 Study Pond Flora

Year 12 students use professional probeware to measure dissolved oxygen in the Outdoor Classroom pond, calculating aquatic productivity.

Year 12 Environmental Systems & Societies students investigated the abiotic factors of the pond at the Outdoor Classroom. They focused on dissolved oxygen, a vital component of any aquatic system.

Year 12 had the exciting opportunity to use state-of-the-art probeware to measure dissolved oxygen. They then recorded the data and spent some time discussing why dissolved oxygen is an important abiotic factor and what they could predict based on their initial observations of the pond. From these observations, students hope to calculate productivity of the pond flora. Students will be able to make such calculations as dissolved oxygen is necessary to many forms of aquatic life, similar to how important oxygen is to organisms on land. Diversity of pond flora is vital to water quality.

Year 12 students are learning and performing advanced environmental science through activities like these, which teach real skills that professionals in the field actually employ!

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