The Goblin King Visits Year 1

The Goblin King Visits Year 1

How can Year 1 students help the Goblin King?

Year 1 students had a frightening visit from the Goblin King! In their lessons, Year 1 students have been reading a text set in an enchanted wood with fairies and other magical creatures. The fairies were having problems with a great big bully, and our students discovered that the bully was in fact the Goblin King! Year 1 students couldn’t believe how horribly he treated the fairies, stomping around and gobbling up their entire feasts.

The Year 1 classes decided to help the fairies, so they worked collaboratively to write a letter inviting the Goblin King to Bangkok Patana School. They were surprised when he sent back a video response, denying that there was any problem with the fairies! Year 1 students used their question words, “who, what, when, where, and why”, to write questions for the Goblin King. They also had to use their critical thinking skills to determine what information they wanted to find out.

When the Goblin King arrived at Bangkok Patana School, he told the students that they had to stand up and bow before they were allowed to speak to him. If the students forgot, he made them sit down again and would not answer their question. Year 1 students demonstrated their bravery by asking their questions and learning that the Goblin King does not like to share, doesn’t think it’s wrong to gobble up the fairies’ feasts and doesn’t see anything wrong with taking over as the leader of the fairies! Year 1 students agree – these are all very big problems!

Year 1 students will reflect on their visit with the Goblin King and think of ways to teach him how to share, and how to be kind to others. The fairies will be grateful for our Year 1 students!

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